I am a moderate concerned that our legislature has consistently failed to take meaningful action on the problems facing our state.  I am out talking to voters and listening carefully to your concerns so I can best represent you in our legislature.

Air Quality
Utahns deserve to breathe clean air! Our air pollution is harming our health and our economic future. We have a unique geography that demands unique solutions. We need Tier III fuels, incentives for cleaner vehicles, and better air quality monitoring. Everyone, including industry, should do their fair share to address this serious problem.

Supporting Education
In Utah we value children. Education shapes their future and the options available to them. We need to reprioritize how our taxpayer money is spent in Utah to focus on things that matter like our kids and their futures. Utah is consistently in the bottom of the country in per pupil funding, and it is showing in our worsening performance compared to neighboring states and our huge class sizes (the biggest in the country). We need smaller class sizes and competitive salaries to attract and retain teachers who inspire. We need ongoing support for higher education to ensure a well-trained, highly educated work force that will attract the high-paying jobs of the future to Utah. I am pleased to be endorsed by both the Canyons Education Association and the Utah Education Association: I will fight for our kids and our schools in the legislature.

Access to Health Care
As a doctor, I want to help people. I frequently see patients who are stressed about medical bills and how they will pay for services and doctors they need. As a state we need to address these issues rather than the stall tactics we’ve seen each year in the legislature. Utahns need access to affordable health care and improved access to mental health and addiction services. We need to prioritize patient health and safety.

Advocating for Victims
The statistics are concerning in Utah: we have higher than the national average incidence of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence. As your representative, I will work hard to support victims of sexual assault, rape, and other violent crimes. I support the important work of victim advocates, and I will work with victim advocates and experts to reduce the incidence of these crimes in Utah. We need to prosecute perpetrators, test rape kits, and support victims of violent crime and take them seriously when they report a crime. I will #startbybelieving.  

Ending Waste
Our legislators waste time and money on message bills and special interest give-aways such as the $53M Oakland coal port. They start expensive legal battles their constituents don’t want. I will work hard for Utah families, not special interests.

Much of Utah’s legislative agenda is decided in closed-door meetings. We don’t know what deals are being made in these meetings. The public’s business should always be conducted in public. I will keep you informed and listen to your concerns.

Partisan Politics
I am running to represent the people of Sandy, Draper, and White City. I have watched as year after year the legislature ignores the issues that are important to my family in favor of special interests.

I am not running to advance the agenda of a party or special interest group. I am not beholden to anyone other than the voters. I am running so that the people of District 32 have their voices heard on the issues that come before the legislature.

Religious Freedom
I support our Constitution and cherish the freedoms it provides. The protections of the First Amendment are a foundation stone of our society and have been an example to the world since the time of their adoption. If elected I will work to protect the freedoms we enjoy and will work to make sure the beliefs of all people are treated with respect.