I am running to represent the people of Sandy, Draper, and White City. I have watched as year after year the legislature ignores the issues that are important to our families in favor of special interests.

I am a moderate. I am not running to advance the agenda of a party or special interest group. I am not beholden to anyone other than the voters. I am running so that the people of District 32 have their voices heard in the legislature. I care about better support for public education, clean air, transparency in government, and not having our taxpayer money wasted.

I grew up in Provo. My parents both spent their careers working at BYU. I graduated from Timpview High School and then attended Stanford University where I met my husband John, who was raised in Centerville, Utah.

After Stanford I attended medical school at the University of Utah, and completed my residency in anesthesiology at Harvard University. We’ve lived in District 32 for over a decade. Our children attend local public schools.

I am a board-certified anesthesiologist at Riverton Hospital and I’m currently chair of the Department of Anesthesiology. I also volunteer at our children’s schools and sports leagues and at our church.

When I read about what is going on at the Utah legislature, I don’t feel represented.  The issues that matter to me and my family are regularly ignored in favor of “message” bills that waste time and money.  I’m running to have the voices of regular people heard again at our legislature.