Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death among kids ages 10-17, and Utah has a higher than national average rate of youth suicide. Every year, more than 550 people commit suicide in Utah.

Our kids are hurting. They need love and acceptance and access to the help they need. As a doctor I know that mental health care is a critical aspect of overall health. I will work hard for better access to mental health services as your representative. We also need better support for mental health services in our schools. We need more psychologists and school counselors to address the various needs of our kids.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Every week in Utah, 6 people die from prescription drug overdoses – the majority involve opioids. Utah ranks 4th in the nation for overdose deaths. As a doctor, I understand that we have to treat the underlying issues to solve this problem, and I will work for improved access to mental health services and addiction services.

As a board-certified anesthesiologist, I have expertise in narcotics and acute pain, and I will bring this skill set to the Utah Legislature to address our problems with opioid addiction and overdose deaths in Utah. The real estate developers and lawyers have had their turn in the legislature — it is time to have some new people with different backgrounds address the problems facing our communities.